Sunday’s Best | 01


Welcome to Sunday’s Best: the list of things that made me smile every week. I’ve decided to start it up so I can have something to blog about weekly and to constantly look out for the positive things happening in my life.

So, I really had an eventful week that I don’t care if it’s technically Monday writing my very first entry of Sunday’s Best. Hahaha, forgive me, I just really want to write this thoughts out. Here are the things that made me happy:

1. I’m officially enrolled! To tell you guys honestly, I never really expect that I can still enroll this sem (and that made me really sad) cause of financial issues, but God is so good, I mean the best, in blessing me with people who will help me get through it. Yehey!

2. Bought some skin care products. Every month, I managed to do some grocery shopping but most of the time, it was just all about the basic toiletries — shampoo, toothpaste, soap and napkins. But this week, since I pledge to take care of my skin (and my appearance), I generously awarded myself with some pampering skin care products like moisturizers, lotion, facial wash and scrub and a body wash! Was it just me that is happy having these things? Lol

3. NU #Barks4More and #Goes4TheGold winning the UAAP Cheerdance Competition Season 79! Have you watched it? Not being bias but they are so great this season! Very proud Nationalian here! 

4. Celebrated Mommy’s (Jay’s grandmother) birthday! I spent my weekend with them and it was a happy one. Last Saturday, Mommy celebrated her birthday together with her ‘Couples For Christ’ ministry. I helped them prepared the foods and after that, we stayed in Jay’s room for some movie marathon that happens to be my “sleep marathon” (sorry na wala pa kong tulog nun). Then the next morning, we woke up early to prepare for our whole day swimming! I went home past 8 in the evening, goes straight to my room and knock myself to a goodnight sleep.

5. Indulged with Conti’s Black Velvet Cake. Ohmygad! This happens to be the highlight of my week cause I get to taste another heaven from Conti’s! Jay woke me up when I slept on our supposed to be movie marathon and gave me a slice of this. Such a sweet monster.

6. Before heading back to work, Jay invited me to watch Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them at SM Sucat. It was a wicked movie (more if you’re a Harry Potter fan cause they’re connected) but we really had a hard time understanding most part because it’s too slang! Ye know, british accent and all. We really need to watch it again with s u b t i t l e s.

7. I got Ylyza’s test permit for PUP entrance exam. It was really my goal to enroll my sister for the next school year and I’m just really happy that she’s officially part of the examiners. Godbless sister!

So I had a pretty good week and I hope it only gets better from here. What about you? What are your week’s happy things?