ECE Batch ’11 Christmas Party 2016

Let’s pretend this post is not a month delayed (2 months rather!) Hahaha. I totally skipped blogging last December and I feel sorry for not posting this crazy night with my batchmates. It feels great having to enjoy and forget about everything for a moment. Literally. LOL

So our celebration started late as usual. Its just that this time, with a pretty good reason – work. O’common, working lads and gents here! That means, hindi na medyo pahirapan sa ambagan. Good Lord!

15672910_10209950540312880_2607956743849555414_nIts already past 11 when we had our dinner.15622323_10209950540152876_5953470314914219639_nWe prepared all these by ourselves! Some are just panggap-foods though. Hahaha15622257_10209950545593012_8690886417318411472_n15726682_10209950544832993_6021908342096792188_n15697512_10206058452219656_7012565347389792735_nThen played beerpong while singing in the karaoke and had the stupidest exchange gift ever. 15622518_10206058438259307_607200481185514202_n15697380_10206058451979650_4108432023679083642_n15697685_10206058437859297_6495654225508616401_n15622703_10206058439939349_5678268697344429057_n

After that we stayed inside to continue our drinking sesh. I don’t know what else happened cause I lost myself and YOLOed so hard. Hahahaha

Disclaimer: I’m drunk af so excuse my face fellas. I can’t even look straight in the camera! 15590119_10206058435859247_7782261912290108619_n15622142_10209950566273529_6559098504083347631_n15622619_10206058434979225_4032921298065581539_n-115665763_10209950641675414_7910035995104170911_nwtf!15665806_10209950652235678_7185865291538960845_nDrunk and clingy!15665865_10209950638995347_4191917554143716038_nMi amores.15672737_10209950565113500_2401072566276050230_n15697257_10209950580393882_2755029247966568905_n15697555_10209950641515410_3064258545383474521_n15698039_10209950641195402_1183507710535554996_n15698127_10206058437379285_434243845597966075_n15726748_10209950653315705_1418673696553070733_n15727085_10209950620034873_8582819146492667490_nNext photos are my favorite. Such a mess and wasted lad! 15672839_1844038519188256_5412357644798438534_n15697955_10209950585194002_6659964215680440300_nLOL

We had, I HAD, a maaaaad morning. My head hurts but no regrets! Tita cooked nilagang baboy for lunch and I lerv it! Perf for may hang-over.

15726416_10206058430059102_5170123360308811449_n15726495_10206058427979050_9074567449708152963_n15697759_10206058430899123_1787842573998278571_n15697193_10206058426939024_5663602831755651490_n15492448_10209955568158573_81217370493167969_n15697455_10209955579598859_827159418361215877_n15697848_10209955577878816_5067499381949319057_n15726512_10209955586359028_7141588788155204497_n15726720_10209955589559108_440075322516147525_nAnd the best part, we had our pamasko from Tita and Tito before going home! Yay!


You guys are the best! 1E is life! 

Los Ingenieros

It was just last October 29 (I know this post is too late!) that we had a get together to celebrate the passing of our batch’s newest licensed Engineers. *confettis*

So here’s what happened, the original plan was to stay in our batchmate’s house and celebrate, as usual. It just so happen that one suggested to do an overnight swimming and it was already almost 7PM when we decided to push it (even without any extra clothes!) on a resort nearby. We managed to stay until 3AM, where we almost got the place by ourselves and went home wet and tired!


We had two boxes of pizza and sinigang as our dinner with pasalubong ni Mayor, courtesy of Engr. Odeza.


Photo ops in the pool area!


The girls, alone. 


And us, too. Hahahaha


Went home tired and woke up with breakfast made by Tita. Yay!


Did some karaoke, with Edward enjoying much. Hahaha 

14604871_1383894858294937_1166045227494500242_n14910568_1383897858294637_4289484269911399376_n14900495_1383895984961491_7521179528664058808_n14907611_10209424066871373_2406386786902033802_n14900613_10209424058951175_538101518678715048_nTil next time, Engineers! 

Year-End Party 2015, ECE Batch ’11.

It has been a tradition of our batch to come and get together in one of our friend’s house every end of the year. Who wouldn’t be happy seeing your first year college friends partying in one house after not seeing each other for a long time?! 

Competitive yang ilaw mo Aury! Ikaw na talaga! 😀

We started this 3 years ago and we promised to make it possible every year. We are trying our best to plan it at least 3 weeks before the event. There will be persons apointed sa food, decorations and games.

Nakakatawa kasi first time ko not to be part of the planning because of some issues. Remember my post about friends? Sila yun. so I had this thinking na huwag na lang pumunta cause I just really don’t know how to approach them. But they were texting and calling me before the event. Inarte pa ba? Gora na itey!

Genuine happiness all around. It’s like we travelled back to being kiddos? Iba talaga kapag totoong kaibigan, priceless ang feeling after such dramas. Arti! Hahaha

I missed this girl. Super! 

Below was my revenge face nung natalo ako. It was my first time playing Beer Pong at nabinyagan ako ng spicy vinegar. Ugh!

There were lots of prepared foods, yung decorations, havey! and the games, super tawanan. Napapangiti ako while typing this remebering all the funny and priceless moments. No dull seconds, every tick of the clock is worth remembering.

Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to end the year with my awesome friends! Last hurah for 2015! xoxo

 PS: Too bad some photos are not yet uploaded. Atat lang ako magpost. Hahaha