And for the nth time, I’m doing a blog! Wew! I hope now will be the time to really maintain this. crossfingers


Aside from the fact that I got the idea from Saab’s blog name spellsaab, I actually think that the name will be perfect for me cause a lot spells and pronounce my name incorrectly! Truth to be told, even the closest friends and relatives of mine do so, which is funny and embarrassing at the same time.

My mom told me that she got the idea of my name from her beautiful high school friend. Well, that gave me the idea that my mom sees me the same but never admitted it. Hahaha. But the catch is, her name is simply spelled as Yda, so my mom being conyo, added ‘H’ just to make it look unique (weird, rather). Btw, just to share, I have three sisters and all names start with Y — Yvette, Ylyza and Ylena adding my niece Yves. Our new baby was named Princess, breaking our sister’s rule to name our future anak/s with Y as the first letter. Urgh!

Who Am I?

Just like the spelling of my name, I seriously had no idea how to start introducing myself without sounding humble or arrogant. One thing I’m sure of, I love all the beautiful things life has to offer.

I’ll just let this blog show who I am. I’ll post anything, from the things I love and hate to whatever that’s bugling my mind. I personally made this to express my thoughts, feelings and all the other etceteras about my life. Read it or leave it, its all up to you.

Hi and welcome to this haven of mine! xoxo 


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