ECE Batch ’11 Christmas Party 2016

Let’s pretend this post is not a month delayed (2 months rather!) Hahaha. I totally skipped blogging last December and I feel sorry for not posting this crazy night with my batchmates. It feels great having to enjoy and forget about everything for a moment. Literally. LOL

So our celebration started late as usual. Its just that this time, with a pretty good reason – work. O’common, working lads and gents here! That means, hindi na medyo pahirapan sa ambagan. Good Lord!

15672910_10209950540312880_2607956743849555414_nIts already past 11 when we had our dinner.15622323_10209950540152876_5953470314914219639_nWe prepared all these by ourselves! Some are just panggap-foods though. Hahaha15622257_10209950545593012_8690886417318411472_n15726682_10209950544832993_6021908342096792188_n15697512_10206058452219656_7012565347389792735_nThen played beerpong while singing in the karaoke and had the stupidest exchange gift ever. 15622518_10206058438259307_607200481185514202_n15697380_10206058451979650_4108432023679083642_n15697685_10206058437859297_6495654225508616401_n15622703_10206058439939349_5678268697344429057_n

After that we stayed inside to continue our drinking sesh. I don’t know what else happened cause I lost myself and YOLOed so hard. Hahahaha

Disclaimer: I’m drunk af so excuse my face fellas. I can’t even look straight in the camera! 15590119_10206058435859247_7782261912290108619_n15622142_10209950566273529_6559098504083347631_n15622619_10206058434979225_4032921298065581539_n-115665763_10209950641675414_7910035995104170911_nwtf!15665806_10209950652235678_7185865291538960845_nDrunk and clingy!15665865_10209950638995347_4191917554143716038_nMi amores.15672737_10209950565113500_2401072566276050230_n15697257_10209950580393882_2755029247966568905_n15697555_10209950641515410_3064258545383474521_n15698039_10209950641195402_1183507710535554996_n15698127_10206058437379285_434243845597966075_n15726748_10209950653315705_1418673696553070733_n15727085_10209950620034873_8582819146492667490_nNext photos are my favorite. Such a mess and wasted lad! 15672839_1844038519188256_5412357644798438534_n15697955_10209950585194002_6659964215680440300_nLOL

We had, I HAD, a maaaaad morning. My head hurts but no regrets! Tita cooked nilagang baboy for lunch and I lerv it! Perf for may hang-over.

15726416_10206058430059102_5170123360308811449_n15726495_10206058427979050_9074567449708152963_n15697759_10206058430899123_1787842573998278571_n15697193_10206058426939024_5663602831755651490_n15492448_10209955568158573_81217370493167969_n15697455_10209955579598859_827159418361215877_n15697848_10209955577878816_5067499381949319057_n15726512_10209955586359028_7141588788155204497_n15726720_10209955589559108_440075322516147525_nAnd the best part, we had our pamasko from Tita and Tito before going home! Yay!


You guys are the best! 1E is life! 

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