Sunday’s Best | 02

ecember-3-2019A day late but I couldn’t care less. I had a pretty good week!

1. I’m an official online English tutor at RareJob. Yes, yes, yes! I did pass the demo lesson almost 3 weeks ago but I just started teaching last Thursday. Why? Cause I haven’t had time to do the orientation with my super helpful coach which is needed before opening a lesson and I’m still nervous. Lels.

2. I survived my first lesson. My first supposed to be student was absent and that was such an epic feeling cause I prepared myself 2 hours before the lesson time! Then I had 3 students after and luckily, I made it alive. Japanese people were very kind and sweet and that kicked all the pressure away. I never really thought that teaching will be such a fulfilling job to do. So far, I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new faces. I’m also planning to have a RareJob category that may help those aspiring online tutor like me. Agree? 

3. Broadband Plan was approved and got our internet connection back at home. Finally! Now its more tutor, surfing and blogging time!

4. Celebrated Ross’ birthday. I get to see my high school batch mates again after so many months and had great time eating and laughing so hard. We had burst photo and turned it into gif and it was so funny cause one of us had the craziest mowdeling talent evah (too bad I won’t be able to upload it here). 

16343710_1274596195960637_498004603_n16395783_1274595819294008_731165602_nHappy Birthday Tropa! HAHAHA16402107_1274595945960662_1304534910_nMay nanalo na. 😀

5. Celebrated Michelle’s birthday at Tubigan Garden Resort. This is the reason why I sneak early from Ross’ house cause I still need to attend a birthday celebration the next morning together with Jaya. The place is beautiful and clean and perfect for children. It has 5 pools, a hotel and a lot of cottages. I just don’t take pictures at all cause the place was too crowded with people enjoying the Holiday. Happy Birthday Michelle! I love you! yh16441282_1224270924308453_1231381684_n

6. Miss #Philippines made it to Top 6. Though I’ll be happier if she won the title as Miss Universe. Top 6 is not bad at all, after all Maxene did her best. I appreciated her beauty so much and I’m very proud of her! Congratulations to Miss #France, though.  

7. I already started reading Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I borrowed books from a friend and she gave me this series together with Legend by Marie Lu. Crossing fingers to be able to finish it all.

And that’s it! I stayed at home most of my days this week cause we had breaks from school due to some meetings. What a brain rest! Next week will be hard, again, but happy things are just around the corner. What about you? Share your happy moments with me by commenting below. I’ll be glad to hear it.


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