A f t e r   m y   h i a t u s, G U E SS  W H O’ S  B A C K?16295191_308910836173347_135999822_n

As if someone waited for me! But, truth is, I’ve waited for myself. How dare me not to post  what happened during the holidays, our batch’s party, my pretty journal, my new job and all those happy/scary/humiliating/funny things of my life. Literally a loser not a blogger feeling-blogger.

Anyways, so much of being disappointed about my katam this past few months. I had so much to share that I don’t even know how to start. Well, just mark this day cause this is the start where I will blog often because tadah! May internet na kami. HAHAHA. So I have my wala-kasi-kaming-net reason out of my plate already. Galingan mo naman Yhda.

I missed this.

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