Dear Papa,

9 years have passed ā€” nine long, lonely years. It is never easy growing without you by our side but you taught me a lot of things and I thank you for that. I thank those happy, short moments of us.

I had you for 11 years but that seems to be the shortest time of my life. I’m never prepared for the first day that I will spend without you. Your time on earth came so quickly and I would give anything to give you one more hug. We miss you so so much. You’ll always be my first love and I’m always your first beautiful neggie princess.

I love you and I give you my word that I will always take care of mama, yvette, ylyza, ylena and your grandchildren. I will. Just please always be there.

Happy Birthday Paps! Sending our hugs and kisses to heaven. šŸŽ‰Ā ā¤


With as much love as the world can contain,

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