Late But Never Too Late

Today marks the day I knew I will not be attending the March graduation AND THAT IS FREAKING D I S A P P O I N T I N G! 😥


Okay. Forgive me but I’m really trying to get myself together while typing this entry cause I’m near into punching myself everytime I realized that harsh truth. Anyway, yes, you read it right: I’M NOT GRADUATING YET. NOT THIS MARCH, BUT HOPEFULLY ON OCTOBER.

I’m now starting to think that all odds are against me everytime I’ll be on my graduating stage. WHY:

Elementary: My father died.

High School: My mother, something happened to her, and that screwed me all the way losing the chance of being the class Valedictorian (Oh yes, I’m a consistent honor student since gradeschool) and now,

College: Dean changes (which sets the doom for almost all of us, graduating) and he does not allow me to take the remaining 2 subjects (YES, JUST THE 2 SUBJECTS!!! Overload issues which I blame them cause they didn’t allow me to enroll those before!). I tried my hardest to look for alternatives like cross-enrolling but still, he disagreed. Why can’t he not understand that I can’t afford not to graduate on March and that I don’t have money and time to pay for another sem! WHY!!!!!! It’s very disappointing cause those overload issues where not given attention before and last batch graduated with even 27 units! And me, It’s just 25! effin’ 25!! Why not just let me? And what’s more amazing is that, there is a little chance of having those subjects opened on summer. FUDGE!!!!


But there’s one thing that calms me amidst all those shitty things, it’s that: I CAN STILL TAKE THE 2017 BOARD EXAM AND I WILL BE CALLED AS ENGINEER DURING OUR GRADUATION. I WILL HOLD ON TO THAT PROMISE, GOD. I may not understand it now (honestly, I really don’t) but I lift everything to you. We had a deal, and again, I HOLD ON TO THAT.

for now…giphy-2

3 thoughts on “Late But Never Too Late

  1. It’s okay ate Yhda. Kaya mo yan! Kaw pa ba. Just think of the fact na kahit ano mangyari or kahit gaano man katagal, in the end, MAGIGING ENGINEER KA! (Also praying for you :) Smile lang. Miss you :

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