You can do it Jay!

I can’t help not to post what just happened, 5 minutes ago.

Phone rings, Jay is calling (Why? Srsly, 1:30AM and he’s calling? What? WHY!!)

Y: Bakit?

J: Nanaginip ako.

Y: Ng?

J: Nasa interview na daw ako and tinanong ako ng “Why should we hire you”. Anong isasagot ko?

Yaaaa. I know. That’s the weirdest reason of your boyfriend calling you in the middle of the night, but it’s true. JAY IS NERVOUS OF WHAT? His first interview as an intern in an IT Company.  🙂

One thing I hate and love about Jay is that, he is such nervous wreck. I knew it since we were just classmates. He’s someone who can’t stand reporting in front of people and will find it hard to breathe once in the moment. I find it annoying cause that is where we are exactly the opposite but love accepts weaknesses, and love should help you get through it.

So break a leg! I love you, no matter what.

PS: I’m just kidding with the “no matter what”. Pass it whatever it takes! Hahaha.

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