50 Random Things About Me

1. I love my family more than anything else in the world.

2. I listen to music all the time, even in the bathroom.

3. I love throwback pictures no matter how ugly it is. I’m used to being that anyway.

4. I had near-death experience for laughing so hard. It happens when we’re inside the elevator and a friend asked the funniest question to another friend while I’m drinking. All I know next is that there were rice coming out from my nose and I can’t breathe anymore but still, I can’t stop laughing. Gross and traumatic!

5. I had Architecture as my second choice at UP and I failed. Forgot my first choice though.

6. I always wanted to have eye glasses and braces.

7. I don’t smoke. Never.

8. I love the scariest rides at theme parks.

9. I love chocolate cakes, just chocolate cakes. When my stupid craving hits me, I can eat a dozen of fudgee bar as a substitute.

10. I love spicy food.

11. I don’t really have that concrete reason why I took Engineering as my course cause I hate Math when I was in high school. Destiny? Yes, destined to suffer this much.

12. I don’t drink coffee but I’m trying.

13. I really want to have a tattoo, an arrow and a butterfly in particular.

14. I’m afraid of needles and stitches.

15. I’m an insecure creature.

16. I don’t wear makeup and heels. Maybe someday.

17. I don’t drink flavored water and softdrinks.

18. I’m a fan of God-knows-how-many tv series. My favorite among them is Arrow. Drooling hard over Stephen Amell.


19. Don’t try to talk to me when I’m mad. I have tendencies to hurt people, physically and verbally.

20. I’ve always wanted to do a song cover. I actually record myself singing sometimes but I don’t have the guts to upload them because I don’t want to embarrass myself that way.

21. Marvel fan since I met Jay.

22. My father died when I was 11. He got drowned on a beach during our summer getaway.

23. I hate people who don’t know how to say Please and Thank you.

24. I’m a clingy girlfriend.

25. I don’t wear jewelries.

26. I love Pugs and Hungarian Sheepdogs! They are the cutest and the ugliest dog at the same time.



27. I eat like a man.

28. Never been in a bar.

29. The first alcoholic beverage that I drink was The Bar. I went home drunk and Mama cut my school skirts into pieces, threaten that I’m not going to school anymore.

30. I can survive not sleeping for 2 days! Been doing it for almost 2 years.

31. I hate awkward moments.

32. I treat people I hate or I’m mad at as someone that don’t exist. Literally.


33. I can watch Harry Potter a million times.

34. I’m an OCD at its best and worst.

35. I love sad songs.

36. I’m a fan of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheeran’s songs.

37. I hate videos that make fun of anyone.

38. I’m a frustrated, trying hard guitarist.

39. Not a fan of junk foods not unless it is something potato with salt.

40. I love burgers with veggies!

41. I’m a wanderlust. Beaches are my safe haven.

42. I love looking through floor plans and houses with different interior designs.

43. I can sleep, anywhere and anyway. Even when I’m standing in a bus, I can.

44. I’m afraid of ghost and hunted houses.

45. I spend a lot without thinking.

46. There were moments when I get sad for no certain reason.


47. I’m over protective to my nieces.

48. Not the one who’ll die for chocolates and ice cream. But mango cheesecake blizzard of DQ is the best!

49. I’m bossy, side effects of being the eldest.

50. I’m very sensitive to temperature changes. I sweat and I get cold easily.


Too much of myself. Hahaha. Found something weird or like yours? Just feel free to comment below and share random things about yourself too. Xoxo

12 thoughts on “50 Random Things About Me

      1. Yay! Ibig sabihin may mababasa ako while on shift today. Hahaha, Meron akong itatag na blog post sayo. Super throwback, abangan mo. Got the idea from Maine. 🙂


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