Official Engineers!

I’m the happiest, the most proud, to all my friends knowing that they are all official engineers, today!! WAAAAA!


I know I’m the OA of all the OAs in land since the first day of your examination until the release of the results (daig ko pa nag-exam) but who cares, I’m just so happy and proud! Gustong gusto kong sumigaw, which I actually did when I saw your names, TROPA KO YANG MGA YAN!!! Hahaha. Praise God!

Again, congratulations my dear ampres, dorm mates, batchmates and to everyone who passed! I do pray for all your success jumping into the real world. Continue pursuing greatness.

And to those who didn’t make it but tried their very best, bawi tayo next year! Sabi nga: Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. We can do it! Cheer up!

PS: I know I’m a year late and pressure is on us already, but you guys really inspired me to slay it next year! I’m claiming it, by grace and for the glory of God, but please don’t be as OA as me next year, baka mamatay ako sa kaba.

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