Thank you!

I know this is long overdue but thank you so much God for another year and to those amazing people around me. Hope you can still stick with me in the next i-don’t-know-when years.

Thank you to those who greeted me thru facebook, text and messenger. I do appreciate it kahit na HBD lang yan (shout out to my not-so-bff, Mitch and Jaya, Hahaha).

To my mom and sisters, thank you kahit na late ang bati niyo. Chos. Time will come and will do celebrate each birthdays together. And to the one who wake me up at 12 Midnight just to greet me a Happy Birthday and spent the weekend with me in a paradise, i love you.

Ang tanda ko na, literally and figuratively. I can feel it. Meghaad. But nevertheless, I’m never ever too old to continue pursuing happiness and my giant dreams. I can do it, God help me.

Sending love to everyone! Again, Thank you. xoxo


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