Working Student Essentials

As a working student, having a bag bigger than me is not a big deal. Just imagine the stuffs you need to bring for not going home for 2 days cause you need to go back and forth to school and office? Sounds pathetic? I know right.

So here are my  essentials,  things that became my “best friends” and helped me stay and organized in every class and work I attended.

1. Pencil Case

I can’t go to school without this, not with just a pen inside it either. I have almost everything I need in here pens, pencils, erasers, glue, stapler, scissors, rulers up to paper clips, name it, I have it! lol 😀 Not to mention that all are in almost one color. Like if I have blue pencil, all other things should be blue as well. ANG OA!!!!! HAHAHA, but believe me, I’m being frustrated if I don’t get to buy things in same color. OCD.

2. “Toiletries” Pouch

Since I’m not going home most of the time, I’m bringing my toiletries with me in a small pouch. I learned to do this because of Mom, when I don’t, she will insist how dugyot I am.

3. ID Holder

I lost my wallet 3 times last year and once early this year. Ever since that happened, I realized that I need to have a separate holder where I can put my cards/IDs. It’s more of a nightmare having to lose both your money and ID’s at the same time, ryt? Sabi nga nila, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4. Blanket

I’m very sensitive to temperature changes. I sweat easily when it’s warm but I get very cold even just riding a bus! I do bring sweaters before but ever since I learned the art of sleeping in a computer chair, I opted to bring the blanket that Mommy gave me (Jay’s Lola). I don’t care if I look like a walking dead ass, who cares, I feel cold!

5. Notebooks

I never used fillers and I hated it for some reason. It seems like its pages weren’t enough for someone who writes  a lot like me? I always go for big notebooks and customize it my way. Arte di ba?

6. File Case

This keep my assignments, quizzes and reports organized all the time. I carry quite a lot of papers most of the time and I just hate it when they fold. Hahaha

7. Earphones

I’m dead AF without my earphones. Srsly. Aside from the fact that I talk to Jay almost most of my free time, music is my happy pill.

Am I the only one who carries this much stuff in my bag going to school/work everyday? #TitaFeels.


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