Everything Happens For A Reason

I’ve been into deep realization this week of not knowing what to do and why things happen. 

The story is…

I recently decided to go back to the call center world again. I tried my luck applying near our place and I failed cause the schedule that they have will not fit mine. The next day, I surf the net and tadaah! there is another recruitment hub one cab away from us. And so I went there but I pause and pray before going. I prayed that this time, it’ll be for me. I prayed that if its for me, there will be no conflict at all, no worries into surviving the training time and so on.

I passed but I didn’t disclosed the fact that I’m still a student. That was Tuesday and I’ll be starting on Monday next week for the Orientation. It was Saturday when they provided me the schedule for Orientation and it was 2PM-8PM. I decided to be absent at school to attend the Orientation hoping that the schedule will be different the next day. Luckily, all my subject for that day was cancelled because of the meeting. I SUDDENLY FELT THAT EVERYTHING IS FALLING INTO PLACES. Now, I only had one problem: the tomorrow’s schedule moving forward. I had fun during the training and I fell inlove in the company in an instant not after they told me that the next schedule will be at 12PM-9PM, Tusday to Friday.

All through my way home, I’m questioning God and kept asking myself what to do next? Will I continue or not? Is it really for me or not?  

And then I asked myself, “What’s my priority?”, “What were your prayers to God?” and the answers were simple: SCHOOL and a JOB that will have a schedule not conflict to my priority. So I decided not to attend the class anymore and review for my Midterms this Wednesday and Friday. I still submitted my resume from different call centers online and praying that God will give me what’s best.

I’m still frustrated but I’m trying to leave everything to God. I don’t know what to do but He definitely does. Everything happens for a reason. 


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