My kuya once told me, “Sisingilin ka ng pagpupuyat mo.”

I have proven that to be true. This first quarter of the year put a lot of sickness in my body. I have colds and fever that never goes out. I also noticed that my head aches (I don’t know if its migraine) and I’m having a hard time remembering things most of the time. Signs and symptoms of someone whose sleep deprived.

And then, I lose weight. SO MUCH. A lot has been saying that I’m close to looking like a zombie. That made me realized that I have taken advantage of my body, health. So I quit working. That’s one of the hardest decision in my life cause I’m working not just because for myself but for my family but I can’t suffer my health and die early. Right?

I actually don’t have any idea on what will happen next (financially speaking) but I’m learning and I’m really trying my hardest to earn and save. And since I have free time already, I’m focusing more on my studies and of course my online shops! Yes, I do have two shops online — one for the bags and the other one for clothes. I’m just so glad that I’m being so productive, what I mean is, there’s more sense of fulfillment nowadays. Though I’m not earning as much as I do before, I find comfort on being so hands-on on our small business. I enjoyed going to the most far and hidden place to look for the best clothes and materials for our bags. #HirapKumitaNgPera

For now, I’m in high hopes that God will help me through this. HE WILL AND HE IS ABLE. ISANG TAON NA LANG. ONTING TYAGA PA. KAYA TO!

peter sellers

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