Things I Do When Avail


Avail (n) Available time you have before you get another call.

For call center agents like me, hearing this sounded like a relief. Think of it as your short-paid-break-time where you get to chit-chat with your seatmate, browse unrelated websites, drink coffee and what others that you should and should not do after your frustrating calls.

Well as for me, I had these not-to-do-things-when-avail that somehow gets the stress away from me. Here’s my list:


I’m checking, opening, writing, reading blogs during avail time. YES I AM.  I don’t usually get to do this outside my work time cause I spend it going elsewhere and watching movies. Not a single day that this goes out from my browsing history. As in. 🙂

Google Mapping.

I stalk my customer’s physical address via google map. Weird? Or should I say, creepy? Hahaha. Don’t worry, I’m just being a psycho-wanderlust wanting to know what kind of place they were at. My favorite state so far is Tennessee. There houses have cool mailboxes, something that I thought only exists in cartoons.

Reading Quotes.

This is my legit addiction ever since I learned browsing the net. I’m fond of reading quotes, poems and whatever that expresses thoughts and ideas. You know the feeling of reading something that precisely says what’s on your mind? Its like, “Hey! I’m not alone in this.” and then you feel okay for some reason instant companion.

Drink Water.

Talking to a lot of customer is exhausting and dehydrating. So it’s an ultimate must that you bring your own tumbler or mug with you all the time. Whether its a coffee or else, drinking is still something you look forward when avail.

 Researching/ School Stuffs.

Fast internet connection is a plus + plus for students like me. I take advantage on it and do most of my assignments at work. Time management at its best! I used to do this with earphones on back when I’m still working at the back office.

So what do you guys do during your avail time? Just make sure that your work will not be affected. Hahaha, Keep pushing and rocking! XX

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