Movie Marathon

Last night when I was on my way to work talking to my favorite man, we came across an agreement that we will be spending a day watching our favorite movie with a bucket of Chicken Joy on hand before giving ourselves to this coming semester. Oh Lord make it happen

This will be a dream come true (if it happens, Oh God it’ll happen!). It’s just funny because if you think that it will be cute (like what you usually saw in movies), IT’S NOT. KNOWING JAY WITH CHICKEN JOY ON HAND? Goodluck.

WHY DO I SAY SO? Here’s a clip of our convo:

Me: Sarap siguro mag-movie marathon habang may bucket ng chicken joy noh?


I really don’t know if I’ll be laughing or what. Really? No sweet bones at all? But I totally get it. Boys will always be boys. As long as I get to relax with Him, it’ll be fine (Labas sa ilong) 😀

popcorn movies alicia silverstone aerosmith cryinI’m ready to look like this. HUHUHU

BTW. Happy 27 mos, MI Amor.

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