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I just realized that in 2 weeks, semester will start again! SAY WHAT NOW?! HAHAHA struggle iz real.

Endless days are fast approaching and I’m really crossing my fingers that I’ll have my dalawang-daang-porsyentong-enerhiya to survive the last 2 semesters of my engineering life. Imagine the following things lined up for me:

2. ONLINE BUSINESS (I’ll post about it later next year, Chos!)

So what will I be the next coming month? I know I’ve been a working student for almost two years but hey world! This is completely different. Thesis and all those effin’ major subjects? WTH!

But I’m not losing hope. NEVER. NOT THIS TIME. ISANG TAONG KEMBOT NA LANG GA-GRADUATE NA KO, NGAYON PA BA! So please pray for me. Pray for us. 🙂

“I’m really excited to make them proud.”

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