Quick Escape at Talisayin Cove, Zambales


At last! the Zambales 3 days 2 nights summer vacey has happened. We’ve been very frustrated and excited planning this escape since April and thank God, we made it!

So let me share our not-so-epic getaway.

Talisayin Cove is located between Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove along the coastline of Zambales. I’ve been at Nagsasa before and since then, I know I’ll be back to Zambales. I really enjoyed the place and the memories my college batch have shared. I just got interested to Talisayin cause I’ve read a lot of good reviews picking this place as the best among the three. So here we are, changed our plans and push ourselves to experience the life at Talisayin.

I can definitely say that experiencing the serenity and the nature of Talisayin Cove is really one of the best and is the perfect getaway if you really wanted to get out from the city life — no electricity, no signal and no perfect beds. There are no resorts to stay in but there are beach huts, rest rooms and camping site which makes the place more like of a castaway.


We all met at Victory Liner (Pasay) around 9:00AM and as planned, we are suppose to ride a bus to Iba, Zambales but all going straight to Iba are fully booked. And since we can’t afford to wait any longer, we decided to just do two trips, first stop will be in Olongapo then another ride to San Antonio. The Expectation vs Reality hit us when we did stand the whole trip! YES. YOU READ IT RIGHT. WE STAND. WTH! STANDING IN A 5-HOUR TRIP?! Insanity at its best for the sake of travelling.

Lesson learned: Never ever ask your boyfriend to download a Series expecting you’ll be sitting on a long trip while in fact, you’re just a chance passenger. Hahahaha 😀

So after a long trip, we past by San Antonio’s Public Market to buy all the foods we need and did some last minute supply check before heading to Pundaquit by a tricycle were we met our contact, Kuya Joven. I saw his number on a blog I read before, contacted him and had a very good deal.

He offered us a boat, good for 6-persons, going to Talisayin for only P700/head with side-trip to Capones Island and the following: Tents for the group, cooking utensils, bonfire materials, 10 gallons of drinking water and cooler. The deal help us a lot since we don’t want to hassle ourselves anymore for our 3D2N vacation. Anyway, you may contact Kuya Joven at 0915-959-9595.


The boat ride didn’t feel that long since you’ll pass by the breath-taking color of the sea, rock formations and mountains of Zambales.


The family who live near our camping site helped us arranged our tents, prepared the grilling area and offered us rechargeable lights and a beach hut for just 150/day. They have clean restrooms, changing areas and a deep-well.

We’re not able to explore the cove on our first day cause we’ve been through a lot and all we wanted is to eat and sleep right away.We cooked inihaw na tilapia for dinner, clean ourselves and rest inside our tents right away.

The best feeling is when you woke up seeing the beautiful cove, hearing the sounds of the trees and feeling the breeze of the ocean. Exactly the things we’re needing.

13139266_1164286396935171_4459556106367951086_nMe, Ylyza(my sis), Jay(my love), April and Eric(lovers) and Jason the loner. Hahaha13179443_1164286473601830_7424787171154895578_n13178856_1164286200268524_8263814461671705322_n13178514_1164295706934240_414016719532749935_nFeel ko lang mag-inarte. 13178851_1164295636934247_1430631679082293018_nThis happens during low tides. You’ll see all the rocks and corals of the beach. We tried snorkeling at sobrang nakaka-aliw yung mga isda. 🙂13151620_1164298876933923_5473848863347147884_n13082648_1164295613600916_79752716569381608_nBinaboy nila ako. Napaka-bastos eh. Hahaha13178741_1164286090268535_8180506973166386853_n13138799_1164310866932724_2733395635994082871_nOur cook. Jason the loner. Hahaha.

We had pritong talong and itlog na maalat for breakfast, sinigang na baboy for lunch and inihaw na manok for dinner.13139236_1164298440267300_476679577094232843_n13151647_1164298510267293_7683176920234703009_n13151710_1164309180266226_1567383768885707268_n13164288_1164309166932894_2425779222915633731_nEnding the day with a bonfire.

The entire day felt almost a week! We we’re not able to climb the hill anymore kasi sobrang solve na kami sa dagat pa lang. Our stay was very relaxing and stress-free. We almost had the beach by ourselves sa sobrang onte ng tao.

On our last day, we woke up at almost 7AM and had our bago-umuwing-tampisaw-sa-dagat! AYOKO NG UMUWI!  😦

We left the cove at 1PM. We never had a chance to pass by Capones Island anymore cause the waves are crashing and we’re all shouting during our ride going back to Pundaquit. Hahaha

All in all, our experience is a ton of happiness not including our epic byahe papunta at pauwi. We’ll be back AGAIN. That’s for sure. 


  • Public Transportation: Php218 bus going to Olongapo; Php 58 bus going to San Antonio; Php30 tricycle going to Pundaquit beach
  • Package Deal: Php700/head for Talisayin round-trip inclusive of tents, cooking utensils, bonfire materials, cooler and 10 gallons of water.
  • Food: Cook your own food. You can bring your own raw materials or pass by San Antonio’s Public Market before heading to Pundaquit.


  1. Arrive at your chosen bus company VERY early. As much as possible, reserve your trip to make sure you’ll never experience the kind of hassle we faced!
  2. Don’t forget to check your supplies before heading to Pundaquit Beach.
  3. Bring extra cash.
  4. Put your phone in an Airplane Mode to maintain your cellphone’s battery level. It’ll be useless cause again, there’s no SIGNAL at Talisayin.
  5. Restrooms don’t have electricity so better to bring your headlamps.
  6. If you’re into climbing the hill, bring extra clothes for your little hiking experience.
  7. PRAY for a safe and happy trip.

It’s true that life at the beach is really one of the essential vitamins we need Vitamin Sea. I’m really praying that I’ll get to visit a lot of the Philippine’s hidden beauty someday. #MyFirstTravelEntry

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