Better late than never. This is for you.

I love sharing my stories. Erase it. The truth is, I’m not good with sharing our story. I ran out of words and I don’t know why I find it so difficult to do. We are not the couple you always see outdoors, we are not the couple who posted our sweet sentiments online and mind you, we don’t even have our theme song!

But we are the ones who cares for each other, eats together, watch series together, laugh together, dream together and even gets angry together.

The simplicity of our relationship is what makes me contented. Those little things are what I’m after for, the simple happiness you get to feel when you do nothing but just enjoying each other’s company.

It is really such a blessing when you found the one, a feeling that is so magical knowing that out of billions of people in the world, you get to meet that person. And yes, I’m blessed.

I’m sorry if it take months constructing the right words for the special man in my life next to my father. I love you and I’m pretty sure you know that. Let’s make more memories together, good or bad, I’ll stick with you.

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