Goodbye & Welcome

Come February, our Manager has announced the most heartbreaking news we could ever hear at work- the account is moving. Actually I was not at the office when it was announced cause it was my rest day  but I had this stinky feeling cause I was seeing a lot of rants and goodbyes in Facebook.

I remember the happiness I felt when I was writing an entry about my first experience working in a BPO Industry. I once said that, I never felt working cause I had a family everywhere I go. Nothing is really permanent and we’re in the reality of life. It’s asdfghjkl!

The account decided to transfer their offices in United States and the set-up is, we’ll be transferred over to a different account. It was a bittersweet feeling. Sweet cause at least we still have a job and bitter because, we’ll not be together. Believe me, it was hard realizing you’ve been inside your comfort zone and all of a sudden, you need to go out.

So me being such a panic psycho, I submitted my resignation letter.


Aside from the personal issues I have (not on work), the managers told us that we will still be interviewed once transferred. In one word, back to zero. So I decided to just quit early so that I can still rest during Holy Week, spend it with my family and will just look for another job afterwards.

And…. God is good! After my tambay days, just weeks before I left my beloved workmates and account, I passed by another BPO center, and tadaaah! I’m hired.

I admit, I miss my workmates, so bad. I even burst into tears during my last day. I don’t even want to talk to anyone anymore cause it’ll be harder. I’m afraid that I won’t have such workmates like them. I even told them that I’ll blocked them once I got home.  😦

Graduation10647188_10202500568746622_3889473276107901200_nSunday’s Best Christmas Party
10858481_10204216389944820_4373075575130956282_n10599399_10204215587884769_84679389911163190_n10881702_10204216297302504_5887185800677189525_nBack office lunch, without me. Hahaha12522910_10208311522244861_3627840590530460806_nAnd with me. 🙂12523130_10208275741510365_7443419765555720572_nThe morning cheaters.12342307_1673074362951340_433245013687032024_nDown to our farewell party. 😦12795330_1140716629272468_7746091145127927938_n12795442_1030482750377615_1014181591489961864_n-112795442_1030482750377615_1014181591489961864_n12795521_1140715969272534_6047964515094672691_n12799219_1140714975939300_2672809596879051763_n12799344_1140713305939467_3727368871713688223_n12801241_1140716395939158_2562879324766869836_n12801411_1140714915939306_3386876468855802243_n12801520_1140715085939289_4306569878608230372_n12801611_1140716062605858_3037043708601033992_n12803313_1140715235939274_6648632670416884989_n12809560_1140715879272543_6611220970947286757_n12809568_10208671355840476_1316012260689363880_n12814359_1140715162605948_7711891249703229521_n12814556_1140715329272598_1045609640319867816_n12821621_1140715812605883_7312305329278563906_n12832307_1030527360373154_8413059808161189291_n

I really miss you guys. 😦 But hey! Its not the end of the world. Goodbyes don’t mean to do-not-contact me, do-not-email-me, do-not-talk-to- forever, right? So instead of me focusing on the Goodbyes, lets turn the tables: Welcome to my new life! God, bless me.

I remember the lyrics of the song, “where’s the good in goodbye”? The answer for me is: The good happens when you start to accept things.

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