The Best Remedy

When life throws you with sh*t that you just want to disappear forever, you’ll realized that what you need are people — people who loves you, people who lifts you up and people who will encourage you to eat.

According to Sufi philosophy, sitting next to your friend or someone you love is one of the prerequisites of happiness. You just need to sit silently doing nothing. You might look at each other, or you might not — it’s your choice. In either case, a person feels a kind of inner delight in such a situation because they’re surrounded by people they feel comfortable with. They no longer need to search for something to occupy themselves, and they don’t even need to fill the space with sound. Sitting in silence and feeling your friends’ presence is enough. (Source)

That’s what I learned this past few weeks when all I want to do in life is to sleep and not to woke up again. Just kidding. I just can’t find time to think enough cause I’m too occupied with a lot of things that should and should not bother me. I don’t know, it’s just freakin’ depressing. Really. I’ve never felt tired all my life, just NOW. Imagine coming to a point where I need to bring  myself to the hospital  ending up to knowing that I have UTI, having fever almost every week and feeling so dehydrated all the time. I’m now feeling the consequences of taking advantage of my never-knowing-what-sick-is body.

So for now, my top priority is to rest and find inner peace this Holy week, and I’m doing all these with my loved ones — God, family, friends and him. Keep them around you and you’ll never get lost. Proven and tested.

P.S. I’m forgiving myself for not being able to write even the best moment of ours this month. I’ll have an entry soon. Belated Happy Anniv, Mi Amor! 🙂

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