We all get very skeptical to try and be convinced by those ads posted on different websites regarding ways on how to earn online (been there, done that). But nothing can stop me from trying knowing the fact that I need f u n d s for my tuition fees, thesis, allowance, books, in short, everything in my life. 

So when I was doing my research for possible online jobs, I came across RareJob PH, an online English school from the Philippines for Japanese people. Actually, there are a lot, but this caught my attention cause y’know, who doesn’t love Japaneses people?! Hahaha. I just followed the steps provided on their website and tadah! I’M IN.


RareJob primarily caters to Japanese English learners. With the largest number of students, it is considered as the top online English school in Japan. RareJob aims to provide the best learning experience to its students and the most ideal working environment for its tutors.


Encourage 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English. 


Chances for everyone, everywhere.


RareJob’s application process is simple and convenient. Everything is done online; thus, there is no need to personally visit their¬†office. You just need to accomplish these four easy steps:


Step 1: Register. Create a RareJob account to begin your application. On this part, you need to fill out the registration form and make sure that you submit complete and accurate information. Take note that your e-mail address and Skype account must be accessible.  To register, click here.

Step 2: Undergo Assessment. You need to pass two tests: the English Proficiency Test and the Demo Lesson. 

English Proficiency Test (EPT). This is an objective-type English exam that consists of four categories: Conversation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Comprehension. Each has a time limit and you can retake the test up to 10 times. 

Demo Lesson. After successfully passing the EPT, you will now be able to book your schedule for a demo lesson. Demo Lesson is a simulation of an actual RareJob lesson, wherein your teaching capabilities will be assessed. This will last for 25 minutes conducted by a Filipino RareJob staff. You will be advise to be online 30 minutes before your actual demo lesson time. The Administrator will conduct a test call to check if your equipment and internet connection is ready and will give you the Skype ID of your interviewer. Rarejob will provide all the lesson materials and all you have to do is teach via Skype and make sure that you read and understand it. 

Step 3: Be Prepared. Once you pass the Demo Lesson, you will be provided with Orientation videos which will inform you on what to do as a tutor. You will also be given a coach that will conduct a one-on-one Skype orientation in your first month.

Step 4: Complete Your Tutor Profile and start teaching!¬†Your tutor profile is the student’s reference when booking a tutor. You need to submit a profile photo, a voice introduction, and a written introduction. Later when you open your schedule, you can also submit your work experience and your interests. Start teaching by deciding when you would like to teach. Plot your schedule on the website, and then just wait to be booked. Remember to also submit the Tutor Fee requirements after you have opened your lesson slots.¬†



    • Laptop or desktop computer
    • Headset with external microphone
    • Access to a stable Internet connection
    • Skype account
    • Web camera (optional for video lessons)

Other Qualifications

    • Must be at least 18 years old
    • Currently residing in the Philippines
    • Must not be working for another online English school

Note:¬†You¬†don’t¬†need to know how to speak in Japanese or have any teaching¬†experience to become a tutor at RareJob.


Just open lesson slots and wait for the students to book it. All of your booked lessons (or lesson slots with students) are paid; unreserved lessons are not paid. Each class only lasts for 25 minutes.¬†Rarejob’s rate for new tutors is at P100/hr.

They also offer different incentives to tutors. Each incentive has a set of criteria. To name a few: video usage incentive, good attendance, high lesson evaluations, tutor referrals, and a lot more! If you qualify to one or more incentives, it will be added to your total earnings for the month. 

Please Note: Tutors are considered as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS under PROFESSIONALS which explains the 10% withholding tax rate. RareJob is an agent to collect the tax in behalf of the government.



The tutor fee is distributed every 10th of the month through direct bank transfer to either a BPI International (Bank of the Philippine Islands) or a PNB (Philippine National Bank) account. You need to open an account in either of the two banks using the endorsement letter provided in the website. To ensure that there will be no problems, complete / submit the following requirements before the month ends:

  1. Bank account number
  2. Scanned copy of the bank endorsement letter together with a valid ID
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN) from BIR


RareJob offers a flexible schedule to tutors. Lesson hours starts at 5:00 AM (PH) to 11:55 PM (PH) from Mondays to Sundays. Basically, there are tutor classifications ‚ÄĒ The Weekday Daytime and Nighttime tutor.¬†

Mondays-Fridays. Only Weekday Daytime Tutors can open lessons from 8:00 AM to 4:55 PM. Open to all Tutors: 5:00 AM to 7:55 AM and 5:00 PM to 11:55 PM

Saturdays & Sundays. All tutors can open lesson from 5:00 AM to 11:55 PM

That’s all for now! Hopefully I was able to encourage and help¬†those aspiring online tutors out there! If you guys have any concerns, let me know in the comment box below. Until then!

Disclaimer: Information came from Rarejob website and personal experiences.



to-live-is-the-rarest-thing-in-the-world-most-people-exist-that-is-allI’m now on my twenty-ish and since then, I always get this feeling of not being able to accomplish anything and fear that I will not live my life to the fullest. So now, I’m gonna list the things I ought to do on my post-teen self life and crossing my fingers that I will be able to tick all these off the list. Let’s start:

1. To graduate and be an Engineer.¬†I’m on my fifth year and an aspiring graduate of Batch 2017! *crossing fingers* Though as I’ve said in this post¬†that I’ll be extended til summer, it’s okay, c’est la vie. I can still take the board on October¬†(Cheer up!) Praying and thanking God for taking me this far.

2. Get a job I love.¬†I am always blessed to have workmates who treat me as a family. That might be the reason why life at work is never really a burden for me. And when time comes that I’ll be a full pledge worker, I pray that I’ll have a job I will be passionate about and workmates I can kick ass with.¬†

3. Have a place called home.¬†This is my ultimate goal before I hit 30 ‚ÄĒ to build a home together with my Mama, sisters and nieces. We really don’t care if it is just a bungalow type of house (though I wanted a mansion for them), as long as we’re together, we know we couldn’t be any happier.

4. Be financially responsible.¬†It‚Äôs somethings that I’ve been really having a hard time doing since I started working. I always get frustrated whenever I received my ITR cause I always end up wondering, “Where the heck these money goes through out the year?”.

5. To travel abroad.¬†It’s always on my dreams, plans rather,¬†to travel the world. Some may wanna travel alone but I want to travel with someone, as always. Not because I’m afraid of the possibility of getting lost (cause it’s nice to be lost sometimes), but I had this mindset that it is happier and memorable when you travel with somebody ‚ÄĒ family, friends or¬†Jay.

6. Have a business.¬†Ironically speaking, although I suck at handling money, I always wanted to have a business. I’m a great believer that having a business have more opportunity to make money than employed individuals do. On¬†top of that, and the best thing for me is, you have the luxury of time! No rushing,¬†no deadlines!

7.¬†Stick to a healthy lifestyle. This is something my¬†body is proactively screaming about. My¬†super busy life leads me to a very unhealthy routine¬†everyday: no sleep, heavy¬†stress, more processed foods.¬†I wanted to go to a gym (or at least, do some jogging every morning) and¬†eat a lot of veggies. But don’t get me wrong, I still super go for buffets and eat like a man!

8. Inked.¬†I have one in mind since last year but I promise myself to have it after graduation. Its a sign I asked God¬†when I felt like giving up. Symbolizes God’s promise in my life.

9. Volunteer for a cause. Either I’m¬†just helping in packing relief goods or cooking food for the homeless, it is something I wanna do in the future. And that isn‚Äôt just a one-time thing for me, it‚Äôs what¬†I intend to do until I still can. As the saying goes, the secret to happiness is helping others.

10. Learn how to bake. I had this crazy cravings for cakes and all other pastries and I think it will be amazing that I can just do it my own. Good luck to my healthy lifestyle goal, though.

11. Have a car and learn how to drive. I wanted to bring my family to places. A lot of places. I also wanted to get lost with Jay and experience the joyride feels with loud music and hands outside the window.

12. Send my younger sisters to school.¬†I promised to my¬†parents that we are going to finish college and there’s no reason I will not do that for myself and for my sisters. As the eldest, I’m taking this as¬†my responsibility and ¬†will work hard to provide everything they need no matter what it takes. I will.

13. Be adventurous.¬†Now, this might sound like #3 but it‚Äôs not. I‚Äôve always been someone who values leisurely activities like movie marathons, walks, food trips. In short, things that I wouldn‚Äôt have to break a sweat doing. But that’s just the other side of me, maybe the reason why I¬†do it more right now is because I’m craving some body rest. But once everything is settled, I wanted to try hiking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, parasailing, and surfing.¬†

14. Finish a series.¬†I have never finished a TV series, ever. I keep on watching new ones and never finishing them¬†for some reasons. Though most of the¬†series I’m watching are still ongoing, I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad piled up that were just open once and none at all. I also tried watching the first two episodes of Descendants of the Sun¬†which makes me wanna fly to Korea and bring home Big Boss A S A P!¬†

15. Attend a festival.¬†I have never experienced a festival in the Philippines. We have fiesta in town but it’s not as marvelous as others have. So, I‚Äôm making it a point to go to at least one festival and I‚Äôm thinking of Sinulog, Maskara, Pahiyas, Higantes or Ati-atihan.

16. Read 12 books in a year.¬†I wanted to at least finish a book¬†per month. I know that is such a noob way but I run out of books to read and I can’t afford to buy as many as I want yet. Though it would be practical to just download e-books online, I still go for the printed ones.¬†

17. Donate blood.¬†Two¬†of the fears I have in my life were needles and stitches. But whenever there is a blood letting activity at TUP before, I always insist to donate but it always¬†turns out that I am underweight. I wanted to do that to conquer my fear and help people. Maybe it’s not yet time. I shall keep trying.

18. Go to a¬†concert.¬†Coldplay will be throwing a concert next year and no matter how much I wanted to be there,¬†funds is going crazy. So, I’ll just save this up for other concerts I wish to attend like Maroon 5 (Adam!), Paramore, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Maybe not in the Philippines but hopefully, in other parts of the world. Traveling and Concert-ing (what?)¬†at the same time!

19. Be more confident. I haven’t always been a confident person. I always think that there is something wrong with me and that people will judge me. I wanted to dress up in my unusual way, walk without turning heads to someone I find better than me and do things without having to please anyone but me. I know deep in myself that I can conquer it, I just have to learn it little by little.

20. Maintain good relationships. I have the best relationship with my Mama, sisters and nieces, with Jay and his family, and a few real friends that I know will always be there. I vow to take good care of them and maintain what we have right now. Though change is inevitable, I promise to keep what I have for you guys throughout the coming years.

Woah! I still have eight years to do these things, ryt? I hope I become a better woman than I am now.


ECE Batch ’11 Christmas Party 2016

Let’s pretend this post is not a month delayed (2 months rather!) Hahaha. I totally skipped blogging last December and I feel sorry for not posting this crazy night with my batchmates. It feels great having to enjoy and forget about everything for a moment. Literally. LOL

So our celebration started late as usual. Its just that this time, with a pretty good reason – work. O’common, working lads and gents¬†here! That means, hindi na medyo pahirapan sa ambagan. Good Lord!

15672910_10209950540312880_2607956743849555414_nIts already past 11 when we had our dinner.15622323_10209950540152876_5953470314914219639_nWe prepared all these by ourselves! Some are just panggap-foods though. Hahaha15622257_10209950545593012_8690886417318411472_n15726682_10209950544832993_6021908342096792188_n15697512_10206058452219656_7012565347389792735_nThen played beerpong while singing in the karaoke and had the stupidest exchange gift ever. 15622518_10206058438259307_607200481185514202_n15697380_10206058451979650_4108432023679083642_n15697685_10206058437859297_6495654225508616401_n15622703_10206058439939349_5678268697344429057_n

After that we stayed inside to continue our drinking sesh. I don’t know what else happened cause I lost myself and YOLOed so hard. Hahahaha

Disclaimer: I’m drunk af so excuse my face fellas. I can’t even look straight in the camera!¬†15590119_10206058435859247_7782261912290108619_n15622142_10209950566273529_6559098504083347631_n15622619_10206058434979225_4032921298065581539_n-115665763_10209950641675414_7910035995104170911_nwtf!15665806_10209950652235678_7185865291538960845_nDrunk and clingy!15665865_10209950638995347_4191917554143716038_nMi amores.15672737_10209950565113500_2401072566276050230_n15697257_10209950580393882_2755029247966568905_n15697555_10209950641515410_3064258545383474521_n15698039_10209950641195402_1183507710535554996_n15698127_10206058437379285_434243845597966075_n15726748_10209950653315705_1418673696553070733_n15727085_10209950620034873_8582819146492667490_nNext photos are my favorite. Such a mess and wasted lad!¬†15672839_1844038519188256_5412357644798438534_n15697955_10209950585194002_6659964215680440300_nLOL

We had, I HAD, a maaaaad morning. My head hurts but no regrets! Tita cooked nilagang baboy for lunch and I lerv it! Perf for may hang-over.

15726416_10206058430059102_5170123360308811449_n15726495_10206058427979050_9074567449708152963_n15697759_10206058430899123_1787842573998278571_n15697193_10206058426939024_5663602831755651490_n15492448_10209955568158573_81217370493167969_n15697455_10209955579598859_827159418361215877_n15697848_10209955577878816_5067499381949319057_n15726512_10209955586359028_7141588788155204497_n15726720_10209955589559108_440075322516147525_nAnd the best part, we had our pamasko from Tita and Tito before going home! Yay!


You guys are the best! 1E is life! 


Sunday’s Best | 02

ecember-3-2019A day late but I couldn’t care less. I had a pretty good week!

1. I’m an official online English tutor at RareJob.¬†Yes, yes, yes! I did pass the demo lesson almost 3 weeks ago but I just started teaching last Thursday. Why? Cause I haven’t had time to do the orientation with my super helpful coach which is needed before opening a lesson and¬†I’m still nervous. Lels.

2. I survived my first lesson. My first supposed to be student was absent and that was such an epic feeling cause I prepared myself 2 hours before the lesson time! Then I had 3 students after and luckily, I made it alive. Japanese people were very kind and sweet and that kicked all the pressure away. I never really thought that teaching will be such a fulfilling job to do. So far, I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new¬†faces. I’m also planning to have a RareJob category that may help those aspiring online tutor like me. Agree?¬†

3. Broadband Plan was approved and got our internet connection back at home. Finally! Now its more tutor, surfing and blogging time!

4. Celebrated Ross’ birthday.¬†I get to see my high school batch mates again after so many months and had great time eating and laughing so hard. We had burst photo and turned it into gif and it was so funny cause one¬†of us had the craziest mowdeling talent evah (too bad I won’t be able to upload it here).¬†

16343710_1274596195960637_498004603_n16395783_1274595819294008_731165602_nHappy Birthday Tropa! HAHAHA16402107_1274595945960662_1304534910_nMay nanalo na. ūüėÄ

5. Celebrated¬†Michelle’s birthday at Tubigan Garden Resort. This is the reason why I sneak early from Ross’ house cause I still need to attend a birthday celebration the next morning together with Jaya. The place is beautiful and clean and perfect for children. It has¬†5 pools, a hotel and a lot of cottages. I just don’t take pictures at all cause the place was too crowded with people enjoying the Holiday. Happy Birthday Michelle! I love you!¬†yh16441282_1224270924308453_1231381684_n

6. Miss #Philippines made it to Top 6.¬†Though I’ll be happier if she won the title as Miss Universe. Top 6 is not bad at all, after all Maxene did her best. I appreciated her beauty so much and I’m very proud of her! Congratulations to Miss #France, though. ¬†

7. I already started reading Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I borrowed books from a friend and she gave me this series together with Legend by Marie Lu. Crossing fingers to be able to finish it all.

And that’s it! I stayed at home most of my days this week cause we had breaks from school due to some meetings. What a brain rest! Next week will be hard, again, but happy things are just around the corner.¬†What about you?¬†Share your happy moments with me by commenting below. I’ll be glad to hear it.



A f t e r ¬† m y ¬† h i a t u s, G U E SS ¬†W H O’ S ¬†B A C K?16295191_308910836173347_135999822_n

As if someone waited for me! But, truth is, I’ve waited for myself. How dare me not to post ¬†what happened during the holidays, our batch’s party, my pretty journal, my new job and all those happy/scary/humiliating/funny things of my life. Literally a loser not a blogger feeling-blogger.

Anyways, so much of being disappointed about my¬†katam this past few months. I had so much to share that I don’t even know how to start. Well, just mark this day cause this is the start where I will blog often because tadah!¬†May internet na kami. HAHAHA. So I have my wala-kasi-kaming-net reason out of my plate already. Galingan mo naman Yhda.

I missed this.


Dear Mama,

You had so much in your life and I admire you for being the strongest for us. You’re my strength and my number 1 inspiration.

Please always know that I, yvette, ylyza, ylena and your grandchildren loves you so much despite the things that happened. You are the best mom and the kindest woman I know and I am forever proud to be your daughter.

I am really praying to God that you’ll be there when I get my diploma. I promise to give you that next year. That is for you. Thank you for always believing in me and for being strong and understanding. I love you and I miss you so much.

Happy Birthday Mams! ‚̧

PS: We’ll be celebrating each of our birthdays together soon. Keep the faith.¬†


Hugs and Kisses,